Pothole Detection

A hole in the surface of the road that is formed due to regular traffic, bad weather or use of cheap quality material at time of construction is termed as Pothole. Nearly one third of road crashes, injuries and death happens because of bad road and pothole. The problem increases, especially during monsoons.

Problem Statement:

  • Many people are dying because of pothole issue.
  • Drives don’t pay full attention while driving.
  • Drives are not aware about depth of the pothole, deeper the pothole- higher the risk of accident.
  • No maintenance work by the concerned department.

Solution Hints:

  • Making government aware about road situations in the state.
  • Pothole patching and maintenance work at regular interval.
  • Smart sensing in vehicles/smartphones to alert the driver.
  • GPS receiver to capture the current location of the potholes and send alert messages to the registered authorities.
  • Special pothole detection device in flooded condition and broadcasting of the information.

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