Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery. Two principal causes of trafficking are poverty, which leads to exploitation, and criminality. Generally, agents give them tempting offers of money or having an urban lifestyle and then they do trading. As per govt. the report, 2700 person trafficked annually from Bihar.

Problem Statement:

  • In children trafficking cases, parents say that they were not aware of putting their children into the hand of human traffickers.
  • Most of the trafficking from Bihar are done using the Indo-Nepal border and Bhutan border.
  • During floods, traffickers approach those who are lost and alone and transport them easily.

Solution Hints:

  • Any suspicious activity can be reported easily to trafficking protection committees.
  • Inform Parents about child safety issues.
  • Training program for a local elected representative, panchayats bodies by NGOs.
  • law bodies in the two border districts in the state.

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