How to working of a search engine, SEO

Search Engine Mechanism


Search Engine Optimization

) : software that enables users to query the index and that usually return results in term relevancy ranked order.

Step 1: Web spider gathers information about what is available on the internet. It sends the addresses of the document back to search engine’s indexing software.

Step 2: Indexing software extracts information from the document and organises it into a database.

Step 3: when users visit the search engine’s web page, they punch a search of its database by typing the keywords that describe the information they are looking for.

Step 4: Search engine looks for the keywords in index for the database. It creates a new web page displaying the URLs and titles of the document.

Step 5: To go to the actual page, the user just have to click on the link.

Gitesh Sharma (@giteshsharma_)