How to create a company or person profile on CrunchBase

How to get company, person and school profiles on crunchbase?

Step 1: Go to create a new user account or login on Crunchbase. official website »

Step 2: Now click to navigation menu on left and then click +Add new profile

How to create a company crunchbase profile

Step 3: Select the type of profile, like – Company, School, Investor, Investment firm and person.

How to get company profile on crunchbase

Step 4: Fill the details on the open new form (based on your selection, like – you select “school”, then you fill the school details, as like that company or person profile).

Step 5: If you click on company button then you fill following details. Likes – Company Logo, Founded date, website & social links, Headquaters & founder.

How to remove company or person profile on crunchbase?

If you want to delete or remove company or person profile on crunchbase, you may submit a request for removal on

[email protected]

[email protected]

Please include the following details or some points –