How to Change Your YouTube URL | Get a Custom URL 2019

First of all, you must have 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel. Only then will you be able to customize your channel’s url.
If you already have 100 subscribers, you can customize the url of this method.

How to get a custom url on YouTube

Let’s start…

Step 1: Go to advanced settings

First of all, you should sign in to YouTube and go to

Go to advanced settings on youtube

Step 2: Go to status and features

After going to Advanced Settings, you go to status and features.

Step 3: See the custom url option

Then you will be able to see some other types of features as if your channel has copyright stricks. When you scroll through the same page, you will see the custom url option.

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Step 4: See the eligiblity

If you are eligible, you will see this statement.
“You’re eligible for a custom url. Claim it here.”
If not then “Learn more.”
Now you click on Claim it here.

check eligiblity to custom url on youtube

Step 5: Go to channel settings

After clicking, you will see set up youtube exactly how you want it. Now if you scroll down, you will get the option of Claim it here which will be under the channel settings, click here.

Credit: YouTube/BloggingYT

Step 6: See the option of Get a Custom URL

After clicking, you will see the option of Get a Custom URL, wherever you want, enter whatever channel url you want.

Step 7: Click the check box

I have clicked in the option of custom url terms of use and click on Change URL.

Note: Your work is done now You can go to url of your choice on youtube.